Taking your first camping holiday – Camping in Dar Es Salaam

Taking your first camping holiday – Camping in Dar Es Salaam

Camping in Dar

Do you live in Dar Es Salaam and have never been camping?

Why not have a warm up for a longer camping experience by coming to stay with us at Kipepeo Campsite- the best location for camping in Dar Es Salaam.

When you arrive you will be shown to the camping area – this is right on the beach front and is in the separate area for independent travelers. You can set your tent up and nearby is a covered table area for eating and food preparation.

Camping In Dar

Camping In Dar

Our Dar camping site also on-site facilities including wash rooms, showers and toilets, and of course the beautiful beach to keep the whole family occupied.

Our campsite is secure with a guarded gate and security patrolling around the camping area.

Before your first camping trip there are a few things worth remembering.

Check your gear – When you purchase and before every major trip we recommend taking all your camping gear out and giving it a good check. There is nothing worse than having something broken which is easily fixable at home.

Pitch your tent – Pitching your tent at home or on a local field will give you an idea of any faults that need addressing, it will also give you valuable practice at pitching.

Make a list – We hear stories all the time of people forgetting items, whether it be tent poles or something as simple as a tin opener. Making a list of all the gear you plan to take gives you something to check off as you pack your bag or car.

Check the rules – Whether you’re going to a campsite, a festival or wild camping, do make sure you check any relevant rules to your stay to make sure all your kit is compliant.

Welcome to camping in Dar!


Per Adult – 10 US$

Per Child – 8 US$

Read more about camping in Dar Es Salaam – http://kipepeobeach.com/camping-dar-es-salaam/

Dar es Salaam food

Dar es Salaam food

Dar es Salaam food

Dar es Salaam foodAs well as beautiful beaches and national parks, Tanzania and especially Dar Es Salaam boasts a robust dining scene, with everything from swanky seafood restaurants to hole-in-the-wall stalls selling local delicacies – welcome to our review of Dar es Salaam food.

Traditional Dar es Salaam food can be found throughout the city; on almost every street corner there is someone selling grilled meat kebabs (mishkaki), BBQ meat (nyama choma) and chip omelette (chips mayai). Dar es Salaam also has a large native South Asian population meaning the Indian food is amazing restaurants featuring a lot of fresh seafood, Indian spices, and barbecue.

At Kipepeo in our beach restaurant we offer a mix of cuisines from local traditional food to more western food including burgers and pizza. We also offer snacks and light meals for those not looking for a large meal. Really the best of Dar es Salaam food

If you are spending the day away from the hotel you may consider some of our recommendations for the best restaurants in Dar es Salaam.

Chef’s Pride – city centre
Chef’s Pride is a great spot with a relaxed atmosphere offering a mix of Asian and European dishes at good prices. It is always busy and has become a popular hangout joint.  The restaurant also serves local delicacies such as Ugali, mtori and ndizi nyama. Don’t leave the restaurant without having a taste of its well-marinated kebabs.

305 Karafuu – kinondoni

305 Karafu is located in Kinondoni a simple district and transformed home offers a great restaurant, with walls adorned with artworks for sale, rustic furniture and open kitchen. The restaurant competes with the best restaurants in Dar Es Salaam

Mamboz Corner BBQ – city centre

Mamboz Corner BBQ is streetfood at the next level; when the shops close this restaurant takes over the pavements – flavours and aromas of grilled meat hit your nostrils as you get closer. Some of the best Tanzanian street dishes are served like the Firigisi (gizzards), Maini (livers) and chicken mishkaki (Zanzibar-style shish kebabs).

ChappanBhog- city centre

The Indian influence can be felt in the traditional dishes, and ChappanBhog did not disappoint with its Indian cuisine. The restaurant is located in Kisutu, a colonial area perfect for an exotic and authentic dining experience.  The menu is dominated by vegetarian choice with meals like thali, dosa, delectable panipuri and pav bhaji..

The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant

Enjoy tasty meals at sunset when you dine at this restaurant, which overlooks the Indian Ocean. Special dishes like seafood, pizzas, and meat off the grill are served with a cold drink in a stunning environment. The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant is located on Msasani Peninsula and it features a tranquil ambience with its unpretentious surrounds and stunning views.

Check out this video on how to Make Dar Es Salaam Food – Chips Mayai

Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions

Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions

Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions

Dar es Salaam tourist attractions are many and varied. Some of the more common attractions include the Botanical gardens, St.Joseph’s Cathedral, The Old Boma (oldest surviving building in Dar), the Askari Monument, and the State House. Here’s a selection of the some of the best, less known, and truly unique Dar es Salaam tourist attractions:
• National History Museum: Not the biggest of museums but it hosts some rare exhibits such as the Laetoli footprints from Olduvai Gorge as well as ethnographic displays on traditional culture and craft. The splendid gardens also play host to concerts and art events while offering a great hideaway during the day to eat or just read a book. Just a short and pleasant walk North of the city centre.

• Village Museum: located about 8km North of the city, this Dar es Salaam tourist attraction represents over 100 ethnic groups of Tanzania by showing off full size replicas of their traditional dwellings. In over 15 acres you can get lost amid the homesteads while viewing traditional painting, weaving, carving, and even cultural music and dances. Highly recommended.

• Islands trips: Sinda, Mbudya, and Bongoyo Islands and others are all a short boat ride away from Dar es Salaam and offer a break away from the busier mainland. Zanzibar can count almost as a separate holiday but is highly recommended. Sinda Island is an ideal day trip and easily reached from Kipepeo Beach. See more on our “Best Islands off Dar es Salaam” blog feature.

• Kunduchi Wet n’ Wild Water Park: Also host to Tanzania’s first go-kart track, this is the largest water park in East and Central Africa. Popular with families, you will find a colorful mix of pools, playgrounds, fast-food restaurants, and twenty-two water slides.

• Oyster Bay & Msasani Peninsula: The Coco Beach area is the home of most ex-pats and the best regular nightlife of any Dar es Salaam Tourist attractions, featuring a plethora of popular pubs and restaurants like George and the Dragon, and the Slow Leopard, as well as luxury resort hotels like Sea Cliff.

• Charity Goat Races: The Green in Dar es Salaam hosts charity goat races every September on a uniquely designed track, raising around $25,000 a year for local schools and charities. This is a uniquely Dar es Salaam tourist attraction, not to be missed.

• Mzalendo Halisi Music Festival: More than 100 traditional Tanzanian music and dance performers participate in this event at the Posta Grounds in Kijitonyama. During the day, visitors can shop at a culturally-inspired market and view a multitude of art exhibitions.

• Fashion Week: Every November, top regional designers come together at Dar Es Salaam’s National Museum for Swahili Fashion Week. The event showcases local talent, colorful African styling, and it offers networking opportunities for the East African fashion industry.

• Diwali: With a large Indian population, Diwali is an important Hindu festival but also serves as a unique Dar es Salaam tourist attraction. Symbolic lamps and fireworks fire up the night sky to symbolize the triumph of good over evil while Dar es Salaam’s city center becomes a party zone consumed by the festival colours.

Best Islands off Dar Es Saalam

Best Islands off Dar Es Saalam

Best Islands off Dar Es Saalam


Kipepeo Beach is a well known gateway for getting to one of the best islands off Dar es Salaam:  Sinda Island. Sinda actually consists of “Inner” Sinda and “outer” Sinda islands that are part of a larger coral reef formation. The formation makes Sinda one of the best islands off Dar es Salaam for snorkeling, surrounded by patch reefs that harbour a variety of species such as tiny clownfish and huge moray eels. Sinda Island is also famed as a quiet spot favoured by honeymooners and people just enjoying a day trip with a picnic. It is about 15km offshore but getting there is simple, with boats departing daily from Kipepeo beach and a chance to see dolphins on the way.

Some of the other best islands off Dar es Salaam include Mbudya Island, which is one of four islands in the Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve. It that can be reached via a 10-minute motorboat ride from Kunduchi and seems a world away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Dar es Salaam with white-sand beaches and some great snorkeling. You can rent thatched huts on the beach, called Bandas, for the day and dine on some fresh seafood barbequed by locals on the island.

Also in the Reserve is Bongoyo Island off the Msasani Peninsula just north of the city centre. There are no bandas here but you can catch the shade under thatched umbrellas after glimpsing the abundant sea life among the coral including starfish and clownfish. There are also some great nature trails to explore behind the beach where you can navigate your way to the other shore. Bongoyo is well served with a snack bar that serves cold drinks and freshly caught seafood.

Aside from Sinda Island, the best island off Dar es Salaam has to be Zanzibar. Zanzibar is actually a big tropical autonomous archipelago over 25km North-East of the city, but the main island Unguja (commonly referred to as Zanzibar) is easily reached by ferry or plane from Dar es Salaam. The famous “Spice Islands” are unforgettable, offering some of the best tropical beaches, snorkeling, and diving in the world. If you don’t want to stay the night, in a day trip it is possible to either see the UNESCO Heritage Site of Stone Town or head straight to the beach but you cannot come to Dar es Salaam without getting out to see Zanzibar for a recommended couple of days.

Kigamboni Bridge

Kigamboni Bridge

Kigamboni Bridge

across the Kurasini Creek the spectacular bridge connects Dar es Salaam’s main city districts to Kigamboni, a fishing village and new district ward just South of Dar es Salaam harbor.

Previously this link was only crossable by the Kivukoni ferry but with Kigamboni Bridge, commuters now have 6 lanes to make the crossing by car, drastically reducing traffic and wait times in the congested city centre and reliance on the small ferry. The bridge also has two cycle and pedestrian lanes, and operates a toll plaza of 14 lanes that allow quick and easy passage.

Kigamboni Bridge is a distinctly modern cable stay suspension design and the first of its kind in East Africa, with 400 meters of its weight supported by cable and the rest being held by support columns. Its construction also involved 2.5km

of approach roads on either side, joining the Mandela expressway to other junctions through free interchange, as well as a slipway to the TAZARA Railway Bridge which passes underneath.

At a cost of $136 million to Tanzania’s government and social security fund, the importance of Kigamboni Bridge to Dar es Salaam should not be understated. Not only does it serve to reduce commuting time and relieve Dar es Salaam’s infamous congestion problems, but the modern style and magnitude of the structure is a sign of Tanzania’s rapidly growing economy that serves as a counter to the stereotypes of Africa. Indeed, Kigamboni Bridge, like much of Dar es Salaam is one of the many attractions that change Western attitudes toward Africa when they see it.

Many tourists visiting Africa for the first time come with pre-conceived and ill-informed notions of a completely undeveloped continent. Sights like Kigamboni Bridge and the bustling central business district of Dar es Salaam show that Tanzania is far from the stereotypical backward nation but instead boasts a fledgling infrastructure and rapidly expanding modern economy.

Dar Es Salaam South Beach

Dar Es Salaam South Beach

Dar es Salaam South Beach is often described as the best beach in Dar es Salaam. It is known by a lot of names: Kipepeo Beach (including our bar/restaurant), South Beach, Kigamboni – but every name stands for a beautiful beach experience. Commonly known as South Beach, it is a popular destination for Dar es Salaam’s residents wishing to escape the heat, hustle, and bustle of the city.  At Kipepeo Beach and Village, our guests love relaxing on our beach chairs and enjoying the spectacular view. Why? Just imagine the tropical turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean gently rolling on to the smooth white sand as the afternoon sun kisses your skin and the cool breeze blows gently through your salt-sprayed hair. So, whether you are at Dar es Salaam South Beach just to take a break from the city, a full relaxing holiday, or as a launch pad for safari, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Nestled away from the polluting industry closer to the city and further South, Dar es Salaam South Beach is perfectly placed to provide a bounty of clean tropical waters, fresh air, and natural life including birds, butterflies, mongooses, and monkeys. What’s more? There are no rocks or sea urchins as you bath in the calm waters, making it an ideal and safe beach for swimming even at low tide! On top of that, there is great snorkeling to be experienced while enjoying a ride on a Dhow sailing trip to the nearby Sinda Islands or, closer to shore, a mangrove forest exploration adventure.  So, pop along to Dar es Salaam South Beach – watch the fishermen sail by in their dhows, take a walk on the sand, cool down and just have a relaxing time.

Getting there

One of the best things about Dar es Salaam South Beach is that it is almost forgotten by the city, but that means it’s a little harder to find.  It is good to have a specific idea of how to get there from the city centre:

  • Grab the Kivukoni/Kigamboni ferry which crosses the mouth of Dar-es-Salaam harbour. Kigamboni is a fishing village 5 minutes south of the harbour.
  • At Kigamboni, pick up a taxi or Dala Dala bus (the motorbikes and Bajaj/tuktuks are cheapest but less safe). Follow the coastal road south for approx. 9km.
  • About 20m before the Oilcom Petrol Station near a Y junction, you will see a sign on your left (seaward side) for Kipepeo Beach and Village. Follow that road down towards the sea for about 1km until you reach us where you can get a full experience of South Beach.
  • Karibu (Swahili for welcome) Dar es Salaam South Beach!