Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions Dar es Salaam tourist attractions are many and varied. Some of the more common attractions include the Botanical gardens, St.Joseph’s Cathedral, The Old Boma (oldest surviving building in Dar), the Askari Monument, and the State House. Here’s a selection of the some of the best, less known, and truly unique Dar es Salaam tourist attractions: • National History Museum: Not the biggest of museums but it hosts some rare exhibits such as the Laetoli footprints from Olduvai Gorge as well as ethnographic displays on traditional culture and craft. The splendid gardens also play host to concerts and art events while offering a great hideaway during the day to eat or just read a book. Just a short and pleasant walk North of the city centre. • Village Museum: located about 8km North of the city, this Dar es Salaam tourist attraction represents over 100 ethnic groups of Tanzania by showing off full size replicas of their traditional dwellings. In over 15 acres you can get lost amid the homesteads while viewing traditional painting, weaving, carving, and even cultural music and dances. Highly recommended. • Islands trips: Sinda, Mbudya, and Bongoyo Islands and others are all a short boat ride away from Dar es Salaam and offer a break away from the busier mainland. Zanzibar can count almost as a separate holiday but is highly recommended. Sinda Island is an ideal day trip and easily reached from Kipepeo Beach. See more on our “Best Islands off Dar es Salaam” blog feature. • Kunduchi Wet n’ Wild Water Park: Also host to Tanzania’s first go-kart track, this is the largest water park in East and Central Africa. Popular with families, you will find a colorful mix of pools, playgrounds, fast-food restaurants, and twenty-two water slides. • Oyster Bay & Msasani Peninsula: The Coco Beach area is the home of most ex-pats and the best regular nightlife of any Dar es Salaam Tourist attractions, featuring a plethora of popular pubs and restaurants like George and the Dragon, and the Slow Leopard, as well as luxury resort hotels like Sea Cliff. • Charity Goat Races: The Green in Dar es Salaam hosts charity goat races every September on a uniquely designed track, raising around $25,000 a year for local schools and charities. This is a uniquely Dar es Salaam tourist attraction, not to be missed. • Mzalendo Halisi Music Festival: More than 100 traditional Tanzanian music and dance performers participate in this event at the Posta Grounds in Kijitonyama. During the day, visitors can shop at a culturally-inspired market and view a multitude of art exhibitions. • Fashion Week: Every November, top regional designers come together at Dar Es Salaam’s National Museum for Swahili Fashion Week. The event showcases local talent, colorful African styling, and it offers networking opportunities for the East African fashion industry. • Diwali: With a large Indian population, Diwali is an important Hindu festival but also serves as a unique Dar es Salaam tourist attraction. Symbolic lamps and fireworks fire up the night sky to symbolize the triumph of good over evil while Dar es Salaam’s city center becomes a party zone consumed by the festival colours.