Dar Expat Activities

Dar Expat Activities

Dar Expat Activities

Many of the Dar Expats visit us at Kipepeo either for a drink and meal at the beach or for a quick overnight from Dar Es Salaam. There are many groups and societies that are perfect for Dar expat activities.

Dar  Expat activitiesDar Hash House Harriers -the drinking club with a running problem

The Hash House Harriers of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  meet every Monday at 5.30pm at various locations around Dar es Salaam. There is always a run and a walk, followed by food and a few beers.


Dar es Salaam Gymkhana Club

Established in 1916 as a horse riding facility for the then Tanganyika governor lord Cameron, Dar es Salaam Gymkhana club has, over the years, evolved to become the center for development of all forms of sports and entertainment. Offers football, golf, tennis, squash, cricket and snooker facilities.

Tel; +255 22 2120519/ +255 22 2138445

Dar Leopards Rugby Club

Dar Leopards Rugby Club is one of the oldest rugby clubs in Tanzania. Based in Dar es Salaam, this is one of the power houses of rugby in Tanzania. Recently the club split to create a second club in Dar es salaam. Dar Leopards competes in the TRU Premiership Cup and is a major feeder to the Tanzanian National Team, the Twigas.

Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1730 to 1900 at the TPDC (home) ground.

Rotary Club – Tanzania

Rotary International, the world’s first service organization, is made up of over 33,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Its members form a global network of business, professional and community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to serve their communities and the world.

Rotary’s motto, Service Above Self, exemplifies the humanitarian spirit of the organization’s more than 1.2 million members. Strong fellowship among Rotarians and meaningful community and international service projects characterize Rotary worldwide.

Corona Society of Tanzania

Corona Tanzania is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to welcome newcomers to Dar es Salaam and help them settle. It is part of Corona Worldwide which was founded in 1950 with the aim of giving support and education to women who were living away from home. In addition, fundraising for, and volunteer work with, women and children are a vital part of our organisation.

American Chamber of Commerce

AMCHAM – TZ is a non-political organization that does not support or endorse candidates of any political affiliation. AMCHAM-TZ does not receive funding from any government entity but raises funds through its membership network and sponsors. Our goal is to advocate for members on a range of key issues by providing a platform for members to achieve their business objectives through networking events, competitiveness seminars, round table discussions and guest presentations on business and current affairs from leading public and private sector partners. Through the US Embassy’s Commercial and Economic Section, the AMCHAM-TZ also provides information, business and trade opportunities with the United State

All in all some great Dar  Expat activities

Dar Expat Holidays

Dar Expat Holidays

Take a nice break

Many of the Dar es Salaam expats visit us at Kipepeo either for a drink and meal at the beach or for a quick overnight from Dar es Salaam. There are many other destinations that are perfect for Dar expat weekends and holidays away.

lion-mikumi-national-parkOur main recommendation is Mikumi National Park

West of the bustling town of Morogoro, and East of bustling Dar es Salaam city, Mikumi National Park is small reserve with some lovely scenery that offers a gentle game experience – ideal for a two-night stop and a good base for day-trips to the Udzungwa Mountains. Mikumi shares a border and its wildlife populations with the Selous Game Reserve, so you’ll find plenty here, including elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, warthog, impala and buffalo. The vast Mkata plain is often a good place to search for lion, whilst the lucky will spot leopard or even wild dog.

In fact, 80% of Mikumi National Park southeast of the Tanzam Highway is inaccessible to tourists. The Mkata River floodplain at the centre of the Park lies within the circuit that is open to tourists, and is comprised of open grassland interspersed with acacia woodland and lone baobab trees. The open horizons and abundant wildlife of the Mkata Floodplain is often compared to the more famous Serengeti Plains. The dawn is often hidden by misty swirls before the Sun pierces through to the bushy grasslands where zebra herds stand like soldiers standing watch for predators.

Indeed, Predators abound with Lions on the lookout for zebra, wildebeest, impala and buffalo herds that migrate across the Mikumi National Park.

Termite mounds with flat tops are also abundant, sometimes spotted in tree during rain seasons and create an odd scenery as giraffes forage in the isolated acacia stands that fringe the Mkata River. The same trees also provide a sun shelter for the elephants while Hippos are the star attraction in the pool situated 5km north of the main entrance gate, supported by an ever-changing cast of waterbirds: there are over 400 species of bird in Mikumi with such colourful common residents as the lilac-breasted roller, yellow-throated longclaw and bateleur eagle joined by a host of European migrants during the rainy season.

What’s more? The Mkata Floodplain in Mikumi National Park is perhaps the most reliable place in Tanzania for sightings of the powerful eland, the world’s largest antelope. The equally impressive greater kudu and sable antelope haunt the miombo-covered foothills of the mountains that rise from the park’s borders.

In short, Mikumi National Park offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Tanzania with the benefit of being extraordinarily close and accessible via Dar es Salaam, making it a favourite for ex-pats and Tanzanian citizens working in the busy city. That’s said, it is a quiet park with less crowds making for an intimate safari.

There are a few fairly simple camps here; all suitable for stopping at with your own vehicle and guide. The best in the area is probably Foxes Safari Camp with twelve en-suite tents. Though Kikoboga Camp is also good with 12 simple, clean cottages made of stone and thatch. There is also Vuma Hills which is only 15 minutes from the park entrance and has 16 spacious en-suite tents.

Kids in Dar

Kids in Dar

Kids in Dar

There are not many options for kids in Dar either during the weekend or during school holidays; here are some ideas from us to keep Kids in Dar busy.

  • Boat Trips – all children love and adventure and going on a boat trip to a sand island, eating grilled fish and snorkelling is a great day out. Contact us for information about visiting Sinda Island. Sinda is an uninhabited island just a short boat ride from the camp.


  • Swimming – we are blessed with the ability for swimming at all tide levels at Kipepeo (which is rare for most beaches on the east coast of Tanzania. On occasions we do have large waves  – a thrill for older children but younger kids in Dar should be watched.
  • Fun City  -The first ever amusement park of international standards in Tanzania. The Funcity Theme Park has 30 different rides from Roller-Coasters to Caterpillar rides.  Funcity is very versatile, as it can play host to families, schools and also corporate gatherings, keeping everyone well entertained and happy through the whole Funcity experience. Funcity is only a 15 minute drive from the hotel.
  • Kigamboni Community Centre – This impressive, locally run centre provides education, talent development and vocational training for Kigamboni-area youth. For visitors, it can organise traditional dance, drumming, acrobatic, cooking and Swahili lessons, plus walking and cycling tours. Monday through Saturday from 5pm to 6pm is the best time to visit. With luck, you’ll catch one of the free talent shows; call ahead to confirm. This is again only 20 mins from Kipepeo.


TripAdvisor Reviews 2018


We have had a good year so far on TripAdvisor. We were very proud to receive our Certificate of Excellence. If you have stayed with us then please leave a review to help our future guests and us to improve.


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Some of our most recent reviews


Brescia, Italy, My little paradise
I stayed in Kipepeo Beach & Village several times in the last ten years: every time I return there there are some improvement in the location or service, but the location still remain a little paradise.


Berlin, Germany, Amazing!
Had an amazing time at Kipepeo, beach is amazing, service courteous, food great and they have Rose! Other than that, I had a great time, i treated myself to a day and night at the beach for my birthday.


Chatham, Canada, Relaxation Needed
After a gruelling work week, we spent a night at this resort. What an amazing, beautiful and comfortable spot! The accommodations were great and the view over the Indian Ocean was perfect! The restaurant food is very North American which was a nice treat.

John E

Perfect Relaxation
We stayed at Kipepeo for a couple of nights at the end of our busy cycle tour and it was the perfect place to wind down and just relax. The beach and water are just delicious, the chalets are funky, there is snorkelling and sailing.


The Hague, The Netherlands, Lovely stay
Staff was really nice and helpfull. The village is on the beach, but it’s very good secured. Houses are cute and there are bathrooms. Food in the restaurant was really good.

Travelling around Dar – public transport in Dar Es Salaam

Travelling around Dar – public transport in Dar Es Salaam

Travelling around Dar Es Salaam – options for public transport in Dar Es Salaam

The system of public transport in Dar Es Salaam is good making travelling around Dar Es Salaam a relatively simple process. However one of the main problems associated with the city is traffic problems during rush hour which can make travelling around Dar Es Salaam extremely tiring.


Taxis are the most expensive form of moving around the city; however with Uber and other car sharing companies opening in the city; prices are starting to fall. Taxis do not have meters and fares should be discussed beforehand. What you can do is ask for the price and then bargain your way to a better price. It is all about bargain in Dar es Salaam.

Don’t forget we can organise airport transfers with our trusted drivers at a set rate. This includes airport transfers.


Dalla Dallas are privately owned minibuses which travel along set routes and are the main mode of public transport in Dar Es Salaam.

This is the cheapest way to travel but on comfort level, not so much especially during the peak hours of the day where there are a lot of people on route. First and last stops are shown in the front window, but routes vary, so confirm with the conductor that the driver is going to your destination.


The Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project in Dar es Salaam is gradually taking over old dalla-dalla routes. The Kimara–Kivukoni line of the new system runs express buses between the city centre and Ubungo (Tsh650, about 20 minutes), stopping en route at both Ubungo Bus Terminal and Ubungo-Sheikilango, and in the city centre at Kisutu St, Old Posta Transport Stand and Kivukoni. Purchase your ticket at any station in advance of boarding.

If the DART is handy for your destination we would definitely recommend taking over a dalla dalla.

public transport in Dar Es Salaam


The passenger and vehicle Kigamboni Ferry operates daily from early morning until late evening between Kivukoni Front and Kigamboni, just across the channel, and the gateway to Dar es Salaam’s southern beaches and especially to us at Kipepeo.

There is now a bridge which takes you to the city – but we still prefer the ferry.


Another recent addition to the transportation in Dar es Salaam is the bajaji. These are motorised tricycles known as Tuk Tuks in south east Asia. Although now not allowed in the city centre you will see them travelling all over Dar Es Salaam. They offer you the flexibility of a taxi but at a significantly lower price.

Fun things to do in Dar es Salaam city

Fun things to do in Dar es Salaam city

Fun things to do in Dar es Salaam city on a tight budget.

Kipepeo Beach and Village are located in the outskirts of Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam city.  Short drive and ferry trip takes you straight into the Dar es Salaam city centre.

The largest city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam boasts cultural diversity with a variety of shopping, entertainment and dining scenes.

Our beach at Kipepeo is perfect for a Dar Es Salaaam hotel break as we offer the beautiful beach along with our close proximity to Dar Es Salaam city. Many of our guests at Kipepeo find it hard to leave our beautiful sun kissed beach; however for those who wish to explore further we are always happy to help with suggestions and ideas.

We have put together a list below of activities which can be enjoyed on a budget by travellers to Kipepeo and Dar Es Salaam City.

Explore the National Museum of Dar es Salaam City

If you’re a history aficionado, start your day on a high note by visiting the National Museum of Dar es Salaam to learn more about the history and culture of the country. You’ll have an opportunity to see the history of the country through pictures; there are also interesting presentations on the cradle of mankind – Olduvai Gorge with prints of human’s first ancestor’s footprints. You can also learn more about the British and German colonial eras. There are several collections of antiques displayed at the museum including arts and crafts. The museum has a new extension – the House of Culture, a venue for musical concerts and an art gallery.

Entrance fee is 6500 TZS approx. $3 (adult) | 2600 TZS approx. $1.20 (children)

Dar es Salaam city

Visit Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay is also known as Coco Beach, and it’s located on the Msasani Peninsula. This is a great place to hang out with the locals and enjoy a wide range of street food snacks and live music. The open area on the beach is frequently used for entertainment events such as parties and concerts. You can get a taxi from the city centre to Coco beach for about $6.

Entrance: Free

Enjoy the Best-Grilled Chicken in Dar

Mamboz Corner BBQ is a street-side BBQ restaurant known for serving the best-grilled chicken in town. The restaurant serves a variety of grilled chicken such as lemon chicken spicy gujarr chicken and chicken sekela. If you have not had a taste of Urojo, also known as Zanzibar mix, you can order a plate here.

Price: From $3 to $10

Visit the Village Museum

The Village Museum features several traditional Tanzanian huts decorated in traditional styles from the whole country. This is a great place to learn more about the cultural heritage of the country. Traditional dance and music take place daily. You can purchase some souvenirs and handcrafts, which are made by the villagers who have traditional skills in pottery, weaving and carving.

Entrance fee is 6500 TZS approx. $3 (adult) | 2600 TZS approx. $1.20 (children)

The dance and music performance costs 2000TZS (adults) and 1000 TZS (children)

Enjoy your time in Dar Es Salaam city,

Taking your first camping holiday – Camping in Dar Es Salaam

Taking your first camping holiday – Camping in Dar Es Salaam

Camping in Dar

Do you live in Dar Es Salaam and have never been camping?

Why not have a warm up for a longer camping experience by coming to stay with us at Kipepeo Campsite- the best location for camping in Dar Es Salaam.

When you arrive you will be shown to the camping area – this is right on the beach front and is in the separate area for independent travelers. You can set your tent up and nearby is a covered table area for eating and food preparation.

Camping In Dar

Camping In Dar

Our Dar camping site also on-site facilities including wash rooms, showers and toilets, and of course the beautiful beach to keep the whole family occupied. All our washrooms have fresh (non-salty) water.

Our campsite is secure with a guarded gate and security patrolling around the camping area.

Before your first camping trip there are a few things worth remembering.

Check your gear – When you purchase and before every major trip we recommend taking all your camping gear out and giving it a good check. There is nothing worse than having something broken which is easily fixable at home.

Pitch your tent – Pitching your tent at home or on a local field will give you an idea of any faults that need addressing, it will also give you valuable practice at pitching.

Make a list – We hear stories all the time of people forgetting items, whether it be tent poles or something as simple as a tin opener. Making a list of all the gear you plan to take gives you something to check off as you pack your bag or car.

Check the rules – Whether you’re going to a campsite, a festival or wild camping, do make sure you check any relevant rules to your stay to make sure all your kit is compliant.

Welcome to camping in Dar!


Per Adult – 10 US$

Per Child – 8 US$

Read more about camping in Dar Es Salaam – http://kipepeobeach.com/camping-dar-es-salaam/

Dar es Salaam food

Dar es Salaam food

Dar es Salaam food

Dar es Salaam foodAs well as beautiful beaches and national parks, Tanzania and especially Dar Es Salaam boasts a robust dining scene, with everything from swanky seafood restaurants to hole-in-the-wall stalls selling local delicacies – welcome to our review of Dar es Salaam food.

Traditional Dar es Salaam food can be found throughout the city; on almost every street corner there is someone selling grilled meat kebabs (mishkaki), BBQ meat (nyama choma) and chip omelette (chips mayai). Dar es Salaam also has a large native South Asian population meaning the Indian food is amazing restaurants featuring a lot of fresh seafood, Indian spices, and barbecue.

At Kipepeo in our beach restaurant we offer a mix of cuisines from local traditional food to more western food including burgers and pizza. We also offer snacks and light meals for those not looking for a large meal. Really the best of Dar es Salaam food

If you are spending the day away from the hotel you may consider some of our recommendations for the best restaurants in Dar es Salaam.

Chef’s Pride – city centre
Chef’s Pride is a great spot with a relaxed atmosphere offering a mix of Asian and European dishes at good prices. It is always busy and has become a popular hangout joint.  The restaurant also serves local delicacies such as Ugali, mtori and ndizi nyama. Don’t leave the restaurant without having a taste of its well-marinated kebabs.

305 Karafuu – kinondoni

305 Karafu is located in Kinondoni a simple district and transformed home offers a great restaurant, with walls adorned with artworks for sale, rustic furniture and open kitchen. The restaurant competes with the best restaurants in Dar Es Salaam

Mamboz Corner BBQ – city centre

Mamboz Corner BBQ is streetfood at the next level; when the shops close this restaurant takes over the pavements – flavours and aromas of grilled meat hit your nostrils as you get closer. Some of the best Tanzanian street dishes are served like the Firigisi (gizzards), Maini (livers) and chicken mishkaki (Zanzibar-style shish kebabs).

ChappanBhog- city centre

The Indian influence can be felt in the traditional dishes, and ChappanBhog did not disappoint with its Indian cuisine. The restaurant is located in Kisutu, a colonial area perfect for an exotic and authentic dining experience.  The menu is dominated by vegetarian choice with meals like thali, dosa, delectable panipuri and pav bhaji..

The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant

Enjoy tasty meals at sunset when you dine at this restaurant, which overlooks the Indian Ocean. Special dishes like seafood, pizzas, and meat off the grill are served with a cold drink in a stunning environment. The Waterfront Sunset Restaurant is located on Msasani Peninsula and it features a tranquil ambience with its unpretentious surrounds and stunning views.

Check out this video on how to Make Dar Es Salaam Food – Chips Mayai

Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions

Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions

Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions Dar es Salaam tourist attractions are many and varied. Some of the more common attractions include the Botanical gardens, St.Joseph’s Cathedral, The Old Boma (oldest surviving building in Dar), the Askari Monument, and the State House. Here’s a selection of the some of the best, less known, and truly unique Dar es Salaam tourist attractions: • National History Museum: Not the biggest of museums but it hosts some rare exhibits such as the Laetoli footprints from Olduvai Gorge as well as ethnographic displays on traditional culture and craft. The splendid gardens also play host to concerts and art events while offering a great hideaway during the day to eat or just read a book. Just a short and pleasant walk North of the city centre. • Village Museum: located about 8km North of the city, this Dar es Salaam tourist attraction represents over 100 ethnic groups of Tanzania by showing off full size replicas of their traditional dwellings. In over 15 acres you can get lost amid the homesteads while viewing traditional painting, weaving, carving, and even cultural music and dances. Highly recommended. • Islands trips: Sinda, Mbudya, and Bongoyo Islands and others are all a short boat ride away from Dar es Salaam and offer a break away from the busier mainland. Zanzibar can count almost as a separate holiday but is highly recommended. Sinda Island is an ideal day trip and easily reached from Kipepeo Beach. See more on our “Best Islands off Dar es Salaam” blog feature. • Kunduchi Wet n’ Wild Water Park: Also host to Tanzania’s first go-kart track, this is the largest water park in East and Central Africa. Popular with families, you will find a colorful mix of pools, playgrounds, fast-food restaurants, and twenty-two water slides. • Oyster Bay & Msasani Peninsula: The Coco Beach area is the home of most ex-pats and the best regular nightlife of any Dar es Salaam Tourist attractions, featuring a plethora of popular pubs and restaurants like George and the Dragon, and the Slow Leopard, as well as luxury resort hotels like Sea Cliff. • Charity Goat Races: The Green in Dar es Salaam hosts charity goat races every September on a uniquely designed track, raising around $25,000 a year for local schools and charities. This is a uniquely Dar es Salaam tourist attraction, not to be missed. • Mzalendo Halisi Music Festival: More than 100 traditional Tanzanian music and dance performers participate in this event at the Posta Grounds in Kijitonyama. During the day, visitors can shop at a culturally-inspired market and view a multitude of art exhibitions. • Fashion Week: Every November, top regional designers come together at Dar Es Salaam’s National Museum for Swahili Fashion Week. The event showcases local talent, colorful African styling, and it offers networking opportunities for the East African fashion industry. • Diwali: With a large Indian population, Diwali is an important Hindu festival but also serves as a unique Dar es Salaam tourist attraction. Symbolic lamps and fireworks fire up the night sky to symbolize the triumph of good over evil while Dar es Salaam’s city center becomes a party zone consumed by the festival colours.
Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris

Dar es Salaam is the best launch pad and gateway for Tanzania safaris. Many of the best and most reputable safari operators base themselves in Dar es Salaam because tourists can simultaneously enjoy a beach holiday and the city sights here while waiting for safari. What’s more, it’s the perfect place to relax and reflect on your safari when you return.

Two friends and I stayed at Kipepeo Beach & Village before we started our overland safari with Acacia. I picked this place as I thought it would be easier with starting the safari: and it was… just what we needed after 18 hours of traveling too. (Jessica E, Australia) Trip Advisor.

From Dar es Salaam, you are much closer to Tanzania’s South and Western wildlife parks. While the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater are the best known conservation areas, visitors often overlook Southern Parks such as Selous and Ruaha which are highly regarded among passionate wildlife enthusiasts. These parks actually offer a wider choice of activities at much better value for money than the Northern parks. Similarly, in the West of Tanzania the Mahale and Katavi parks, though more expensive to reach, contain a distinctly more unique safari experience. Indeed, Tanzania has such a varied countryside that every safari is a different experience but from Dar es Salaam you have better access to this variety with a wider choice.

A popular Southern choice is Africa’s largest and oldest game reserve: Selous. The riverine green landscape of Selous boasts dense bush, lakes, and rivers that sustain huge quantities of wildlife that can be explored via some of the best boating and guided walks of any of the Tanzania safaris. Ruaha Park on the other hand shows off a dry red soil across ancient plains where your safari will see vast buffalo herds contend with prides of lions. Ruaha also hosts the highest concentration of elephants in Africa that is sure to make your safari an incredible experience.

Tanzania Safari Guide

Tanzania Safari Guide

In the West, Katavi National Park remains a rare pristine wilderness favoured by passionate wildlife and Tanzania safari enthusiasts. Katavi offers a much wilder experience with options for camping and walking among the big game the Park is known for. On the banks of Lake Tanganyika (from where the mainland of Tanzania gets it names), Mahale Mountains National Park is another tremendously wild safari option with an abundance of life that includes the most renowned chimpanzee experience in Africa.
Generally, Tanzania safaris in the South and Western parks are where you can get a much wilder experience where you may not even see another safari vehicle during your trip. You will return from your safari both enlightened and tired. And where better to replenish with a little R&R than a Dar es Salaam beach holiday. Dar es Salaam’s Kipepeo Beach is the perfect gateway to prepare your Tanzania safari and, when you return, to reflect on your experiences with a chilled cocktail on the pristine ocean beach.