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Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions

Dar Es Salaam Tourist Attractions Dar es Salaam tourist attractions are many and varied. Some of the more common attractions include the Botanical gardens, St.Joseph’s Cathedral, The Old Boma (oldest surviving building in Dar), the Askari Monument, and the State...

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Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania Safaris Dar es Salaam is the best launch pad and gateway for Tanzania safaris. Many of the best and most reputable safari operators base themselves in Dar es Salaam because tourists can simultaneously enjoy a beach holiday and the city sights here while...

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Camping Holidays in Tanzania

Camping Holidays in Tanzania Camping holidays in Tanzania options are many and easy to come by. Bringing your own tent is a great way to get all the experiences Tanzania has to offer while saving money and the good news is most beach hotels have designated grounds for...

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Best Islands off Dar Es Saalam

Best Islands off Dar Es Saalam   Kipepeo Beach is a well known gateway for getting to one of the best islands off Dar es Salaam:  Sinda Island. Sinda actually consists of “Inner” Sinda and “outer” Sinda islands that are part of a larger coral reef formation. The...

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Kigamboni Bridge

Kigamboni Bridge across the Kurasini Creek the spectacular bridge connects Dar es Salaam’s main city districts to Kigamboni, a fishing village and new district ward just South of Dar es Salaam harbor. Previously this link was only crossable by the Kivukoni ferry but...

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Dar Es Salaam South Beach

Dar es Salaam South Beach is often described as the best beach in Dar es Salaam. It is known by a lot of names: Kipepeo Beach (including our bar/restaurant), South Beach, Kigamboni – but every name stands for a beautiful beach experience. Commonly known as South...

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Dar Es Salaam Getting there

Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) is the largest airport in Tanznaia and the easiest route for getting to Dar es Salaam. The airport is located just outside Dar es Salaam and it offers flights to and from many major global destinations. Direct flights are...

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Dar Es Salaam History

Dar es Salaam literally translates from Arabic as “residence of peace”. Indeed, Dar es Salaam’s history is defined by external influences, including its Arab foundation, as well as its indigenous African heritage. The original, tiny fishing settlement on Africa’s East...

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