Taking your first camping holiday – Camping in Dar Es Salaam

Taking your first camping holiday – Camping in Dar Es Salaam

Camping in Dar

Do you live in Dar Es Salaam and have never been camping?

Why not have a warm up for a longer camping experience by coming to stay with us at Kipepeo Campsite- the best location for camping in Dar Es Salaam.

When you arrive you will be shown to the camping area – this is right on the beach front and is in the separate area for independent travelers. You can set your tent up and nearby is a covered table area for eating and food preparation.

Camping In Dar

Camping In Dar

Our Dar camping site also on-site facilities including wash rooms, showers and toilets, and of course the beautiful beach to keep the whole family occupied. All our washrooms have fresh (non-salty) water.

Our campsite is secure with a guarded gate and security patrolling around the camping area.

Before your first camping trip there are a few things worth remembering.

Check your gear – When you purchase and before every major trip we recommend taking all your camping gear out and giving it a good check. There is nothing worse than having something broken which is easily fixable at home.

Pitch your tent – Pitching your tent at home or on a local field will give you an idea of any faults that need addressing, it will also give you valuable practice at pitching.

Make a list – We hear stories all the time of people forgetting items, whether it be tent poles or something as simple as a tin opener. Making a list of all the gear you plan to take gives you something to check off as you pack your bag or car.

Check the rules – Whether you’re going to a campsite, a festival or wild camping, do make sure you check any relevant rules to your stay to make sure all your kit is compliant.

Welcome to camping in Dar!


Per Adult – 10 US$

Per Child – 8 US$

Read more about camping in Dar Es Salaam – http://kipepeobeach.com/camping-dar-es-salaam/