Travelling around Dar – public transport in Dar Es Salaam

Travelling around Dar – public transport in Dar Es Salaam

Travelling around Dar Es Salaam – options for public transport in Dar Es Salaam

The system of public transport in Dar Es Salaam is good making travelling around Dar Es Salaam a relatively simple process. However one of the main problems associated with the city is traffic problems during rush hour which can make travelling around Dar Es Salaam extremely tiring.


Taxis are the most expensive form of moving around the city; however with Uber and other car sharing companies opening in the city; prices are starting to fall. Taxis do not have meters and fares should be discussed beforehand. What you can do is ask for the price and then bargain your way to a better price. It is all about bargain in Dar es Salaam.

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Dalla Dallas are privately owned minibuses which travel along set routes and are the main mode of public transport in Dar Es Salaam.

This is the cheapest way to travel but on comfort level, not so much especially during the peak hours of the day where there are a lot of people on route. First and last stops are shown in the front window, but routes vary, so confirm with the conductor that the driver is going to your destination.


The Dar Rapid Transit (DART) project in Dar es Salaam is gradually taking over old dalla-dalla routes. The Kimara–Kivukoni line of the new system runs express buses between the city centre and Ubungo (Tsh650, about 20 minutes), stopping en route at both Ubungo Bus Terminal and Ubungo-Sheikilango, and in the city centre at Kisutu St, Old Posta Transport Stand and Kivukoni. Purchase your ticket at any station in advance of boarding.

If the DART is handy for your destination we would definitely recommend taking over a dalla dalla.

public transport in Dar Es Salaam


The passenger and vehicle Kigamboni Ferry operates daily from early morning until late evening between Kivukoni Front and Kigamboni, just across the channel, and the gateway to Dar es Salaam’s southern beaches and especially to us at Kipepeo.

There is now a bridge which takes you to the city – but we still prefer the ferry.


Another recent addition to the transportation in Dar es Salaam is the bajaji. These are motorised tricycles known as Tuk Tuks in south east Asia. Although now not allowed in the city centre you will see them travelling all over Dar Es Salaam. They offer you the flexibility of a taxi but at a significantly lower price.