Kids in Dar

There are not many options for kids in Dar either during the weekend or during school holidays; here are some ideas from us to keep Kids in Dar busy.

  • Boat Trips – all children love and adventure and going on a boat trip to a sand island, eating grilled fish and snorkelling is a great day out. Contact us for information about visiting Sinda Island. Sinda is an uninhabited island just a short boat ride from the camp.


  • Swimming – we are blessed with the ability for swimming at all tide levels at Kipepeo (which is rare for most beaches on the east coast of Tanzania. On occasions we do have large waves  – a thrill for older children but younger kids in Dar should be watched.
  • Fun City  -The first ever amusement park of international standards in Tanzania. The Funcity Theme Park has 30 different rides from Roller-Coasters to Caterpillar rides.  Funcity is very versatile, as it can play host to families, schools and also corporate gatherings, keeping everyone well entertained and happy through the whole Funcity experience. Funcity is only a 15 minute drive from the hotel.
  • Kigamboni Community Centre – This impressive, locally run centre provides education, talent development and vocational training for Kigamboni-area youth. For visitors, it can organise traditional dance, drumming, acrobatic, cooking and Swahili lessons, plus walking and cycling tours. Monday through Saturday from 5pm to 6pm is the best time to visit. With luck, you’ll catch one of the free talent shows; call ahead to confirm. This is again only 20 mins from Kipepeo.