kipepeo dar es salaam

Nature at Kipepeo Beach

Here at Kipepeo Beach & Village, dar es salaam we have a variety of wildlife.

Apart from many different birds that live in the area, a variety of butterflies flutter around too. It is from these lovely butterflies we got our name Kipepeo (Kipepeo means butterfly in Swahili) Maybe you will catch a glimpse of the two families of mongoose that are living around Kipepeo Village, or hear the call of a bushbaby at night. In the area behind Kipepeo are salt pans surrounded by mangroves that provide a habitat for numerous birds and other small wildlife.

Bird lists are available at reception with bird species which have been spotted here by amateur bird watchers!

Activities On Kipepeo Beach

Beach Activities

One of the new activities at Kipepeo is Kite Surfing


We organise a variety of sailing, fishing and kayaking tours right from the beach at Kipepeo.


With our enviable location on south beach, Dar Es Salaam we are able to offer snorkelling trips right from the beach.

Our Beach

Our beach is known by a lot of names, Kipepeo Beach, south beach, Kigamboni beach- but every name stands for a beautiful Dar Es Salaam beach experience.