south beach kigamboni

Welcome to South Beach, Kigamboni,
Dar es Salaam

Our beach is known by a lot of names, Kipepeo Beach, south beach, Kigamboni – but every name stands for a beautiful Dar Es Salaam beach experience.  

We are located only 9km away from the city centre of Dar Es Salaam and yet we are on a beautiful quiet, white sanded beach; with an icy cold drink in one hand and  favourite novel in the other, this holiday haven will make all your worries wash away with the tide.

Our beach is often described as Dar es Salaam’s best beach and we are a popular destination for Dar es Salaam residents wishing to escape the heat, hustle and bustle of the city.  

Many of our guests just love relaxing on our beach chairs and enjoying the view. Whether you are here at south beach Kigamboni for a few hours or if you have a week long  holiday with us we are sure you will love our beach.

The tropical turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean entice you in at all times. Surround yourself with crystal clear water and white sand and experience total relaxation as the afternoon sun kisses your skin and the cool breeze blows gently through your salt-sprayed hair.

The ocean water here is very clean since there is no polluting industry further down the coast to the south.

There are no rocks or sea urchins around making it an ideal and safe beach for swimming even at low tide! Watch the fishermen sail by in their dhows or take a walk on the beach.

Activities On Kipepeo Beach


With our enviable location on south beach, Dar Es Salaam we are able to offer snorkelling trips right from the beach.


We organise a variety of sailing, fishing and kayaking tours right from the beach at Kipepeo.

Beach Activities

One of the new activities at Kipepeo is Kite Surfing


Kipepeo means Butterfly in KiSwahili and our whole beach is filled with nature.