snorkeling-south beach dar es salaam

Snorkelling off Kipepeo Beach

With our enviable location on south beach, Dar Es Salaam we are able to offer snorkelling trips right from the beach. The offshore Sinda Island is surrounded by patch reefs harbouring a variety of species from tiny clownfish, graceful angel fish and flittering butterfly fish to secretive moray eels.

Dekeza Dhow’s¬†experienced crew are ready to take you to the best places based on tide and weather conditions ensuring you have the best chance of viewing a variety of sea life.

We have been very fortunate over the years in seeing dolphins on our snorkelling trips and you might have a surprise just off the south beach Dar Es Salaam coastline by seeing these amazing mammals playing alongside your boat.


Activities On Kipepeo Beach


Kipepeo means Butterfly in KiSwahili and our whole beach is filled with nature.

Our Beach

Our beach is known by a lot of names, Kipepeo Beach, south beach, Kigamboni beach- but every name stands for a beautiful Dar Es Salaam beach experience.


We organise a variety of sailing, fishing and kayaking tours right from the beach at Kipepeo.

Beach Activities

One of the new activities at Kipepeo is Kite Surfing