TripAdvisor Reviews 2018


We have had a good year so far on TripAdvisor. We were very proud to receive our Certificate of Excellence. If you have stayed with us then please leave a review to help our future guests and us to improve.

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Some of our most recent reviews


Brescia, Italy, My little paradise
I stayed in Kipepeo Beach & Village several times in the last ten years: every time I return there there are some improvement in the location or service, but the location still remain a little paradise.


Berlin, Germany, Amazing!
Had an amazing time at Kipepeo, beach is amazing, service courteous, food great and they have Rose! Other than that, I had a great time, i treated myself to a day and night at the beach for my birthday.


Chatham, Canada, Relaxation Needed
After a gruelling work week, we spent a night at this resort. What an amazing, beautiful and comfortable spot! The accommodations were great and the view over the Indian Ocean was perfect! The restaurant food is very North American which was a nice treat.

John E

Perfect Relaxation
We stayed at Kipepeo for a couple of nights at the end of our busy cycle tour and it was the perfect place to wind down and just relax. The beach and water are just delicious, the chalets are funky, there is snorkelling and sailing.


The Hague, The Netherlands, Lovely stay
Staff was really nice and helpfull. The village is on the beach, but it’s very good secured. Houses are cute and there are bathrooms. Food in the restaurant was really good.