Dar es Salaam South Beach is often described as the best beach in Dar es Salaam. It is known by a lot of names: Kipepeo Beach (including our bar/restaurant), South Beach, Kigamboni – but every name stands for a beautiful beach experience. Commonly known as South Beach, it is a popular destination for Dar es Salaam’s residents wishing to escape the heat, hustle, and bustle of the city.  At Kipepeo Beach and Village, our guests love relaxing on our beach chairs and enjoying the spectacular view. Why? Just imagine the tropical turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean gently rolling on to the smooth white sand as the afternoon sun kisses your skin and the cool breeze blows gently through your salt-sprayed hair. So, whether you are at Dar es Salaam South Beach just to take a break from the city, a full relaxing holiday, or as a launch pad for safari, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Nestled away from the polluting industry closer to the city and further South, Dar es Salaam South Beach is perfectly placed to provide a bounty of clean tropical waters, fresh air, and natural life including birds, butterflies, mongooses, and monkeys. What’s more? There are no rocks or sea urchins as you bath in the calm waters, making it an ideal and safe beach for swimming even at low tide! On top of that, there is great snorkeling to be experienced while enjoying a ride on a Dhow sailing trip to the nearby Sinda Islands or, closer to shore, a mangrove forest exploration adventure.  So, pop along to Dar es Salaam South Beach – watch the fishermen sail by in their dhows, take a walk on the sand, cool down and just have a relaxing time.

Getting there

One of the best things about Dar es Salaam South Beach is that it is almost forgotten by the city, but that means it’s a little harder to find.  It is good to have a specific idea of how to get there from the city centre:


  • Grab the Kivukoni/Kigamboni ferry which crosses the mouth of Dar es Salaam harbour. Kigamboni is a fishing village 5 minutes south of the harbour.
  • At Kigamboni, pick up a taxi or Dala Dala bus (the motorbikes and Bajaj/tuktuks are cheapest but less safe). Follow the coastal road south for approx. 9km.
  • About 20m before the Oilcom Petrol Station near a Y junction, you will see a sign on your left (seaward side) for Kipepeo Beach and Village. Follow that road down towards the sea for about 1km until you reach us where you can get a full experience of South Beach.
  • Karibu (Swahili for welcome) Dar es Salaam South Beach!